What is IMACA Certification?

This program is approved by:

Training And Certification Program for Automotive Air Conditioning Technicians (Refrigerant Recover and Recycle Procedures)

As required by Section 609 of the Clean Air Act, who should become certified?

Those who perform service or repair on motor vehicle air conditioners for consideration (for pay), including CFC-12, HFC-134a and EPA acceptable blend refrigerant a/c systems.
Those wishing to purchase CFC-12 and/or any "blend" refrigerants approved by EPA for automotive use.
Those wishing to purchase CFC-12 in small containers (cans). Section 609 certification is the only certification that allows the holder to purchase CFC-12 in any size container, including containers under 20 pounds.
How do I become certified?

About the EPA Regulations .......

The 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments (CAAA) incorporated a production ban on ozone-depleting substances, including CFC-12. One of the largest uses of CFC-12 is as a refrigerant in motor vehicle air conditioners (MVACS). Section 609 of the CAAA gives the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) the authority to establish regulations to prevent the release of refrigerants during the servicing of MVACS and to require the recycling of refrigerants.

Pursuant to EPA's regulations, persons who repair or service motor vehicle air conditioning units for consideration must be certified in refrigerant recovery and recycling, and must properly use approved equipment when performing service involving the refrigerant. In addition, the regulations prohibit the sale of containers of ozone depleting substances under 20 pounds, except to Section 609 certified technicians.

In accordance with EPA regulations, technicians who service MVAC-like appliances may choose to be trained and certified by an EPA-approved Section 609 program, or Section 608 Type II program.